Welcome to the Amazon Rainforest of Peru. Surrounded by amazonian jungle, tucked away on the Amazon River, we filmed this Day In The Life video at the Otorongo Eco-Lodge – whose mission statement is “Promoting the sustainable development of the environment in the Peruvian Amazon since 2016.” Eco-tourism adventure at its finest. During this day in our life consisted of amazon jungle rainforest hiking, a fruit tour, swimming in the amazon river next to the pink and grey amazon river dolphins, a night river terror expedition in which we got both stuck and seemingly lost, sunrise amazon bird watching, searchign for tarantulas and poison frogs, and so much more.

This sustainable eco lodge allowed us not only live in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way but also experience the Amazon in its raw and pure form. We also got to shoot a couple yoga videos too. Come along with us and see what a day in the life in the Amazon basin looks like!