This 10 minute cardio workout class is an amazing and effective way to boost your metabolism, stimulate fat loss, and tone every muscle in your body in a very short amount of time. Weather you are short on time and need something fast and effective, or you are ready to take on a challenge and include this workout into your daily fitness schedule for the next 7 days. After completing 1-2 rounds of this fat burning HIIT cardio class, your body will be in its ultimate “fat burning zone”, which means as you begin to work through the other toning and sculpting classes you will be burning that unwanted fat and building lean and healthy muscles in an accelerated rate.

When completed as part of the 7 Day Cardio Challenge, the results that you will see and feel will be unbelievable! But remember, you are exactly where you need to be in your own personal fitness journey, so cater this challenge to your own body and strength. If you need to pause the video mid way to take a break, do so. If you need to do only the 1 round through for the whole week, do that as well. No matter what modifications you take, as long as you get through it at your own level, consider that a successful challenge! As you succeed through each day, you will begin to notice that the class gets easier which in truth isn’t the case…it is only YOU who is getting stronger. So if you’re ready to boost your metabolism, burn fat, and get yourself feeling amazing get on that mat and press play!