It’s time to strengthen, tone, and define your abs and core! Click here for all the details & downloadable calendar for the ABS Challenge:

The most requested workouts are quick and effective fitness classes to define your core, abs, and midsection, so this 10 minute abs class and challenge is the perfect solution.

This Boho Beautiful Core Challenge is the day by day guidance that you need to make sure you are including effective and challenging core exercises into your daily workouts in order to achieve your physical fitness goals.

This core workout and challenge will make sure that for the next 10 days you are challenging your abs like never before and seeing beautiful results in your abs and waist line that you never expected. It takes hard work, but it is actually easier than you think!

So roll out your mat and enjoy this Boho Beautiful workout with Juliana Spicoluk.



*Boho Beautiful is Juliana and Mark Spicoluk