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Welcome To Boho Beautiful Retreat!

A Journey Through Yoga

Over the years the two of us have been extremely grateful to have so many wonderful opportunities to explore, study, grow, and evolve our own personal yoga practice both as teachers, but more importantly as students.  And throughout this journey it has become quite apparent to us  that every teacher and every class and every moment on the mat can consistently provides new experiences, lessons, and growth. So it was with this deep understanding that we set out to create Boho Beautiful Retreat- immersed in the intention for it to be our humble contribution to anyone’s journey who we might be lucky enough to share it with.

Boho Beautiful Retreat is a yoga journey.

An exploration.

A  dedicated & motivated challenge to explore the depths of each of our own physical and mental beings, sewn together by the goal to optimize, expand, and raise the energetic frequency of this life experience.

It is a perfect way to start a new year & a new decade…

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What is Boho Beautiful Retreat?

It’s Time To Disconnect To Reconnect

“Boho Beautiful Retreat” is a virtual yoga retreat that you can experience in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, and customizable to your own level. 

Through a carefully crafted 7 day schedule (completed at your own pace) of over 21 morning and evening videos you will explore many different styles, practices, and intentions of Yoga in just under two hours per day.

You will not only expand your personal practice by gaining more strength, confidence, and flexibility, but you will also be challenged to push your practice through new asanas, movements, and flows that are unique to any Boho Beautiful videos to date.

Each day is hinged on a specific intention, peak yoga poses, and a carefully curated personal challenge that is intended to advance your relationship with yourself both on and off the mat.

On top of all of this there will be tutorials, discussions, journalling exercises, and meditations to accentuate and deepen the entire ‘Retreat’ experience. 

Boho Beautiful Retreat was just as much of a journey for us to create each class for this entire program as we hope will be for you to experience them.


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What Is Included In Boho Beautiful Retreat?

Challenge, Growth, Expansion, & Evolution

In just under TWO hours per day


7 Daily Full Length Morning Yoga Classes (1 hour each): Each day will begin by setting a daily intention, and moving forward into a unique full length 60 minute yoga practice. The classes will vary stylistically from Hatha, Vinyasa, Astanga, Yin-Yang, Heart Opening, and Expressive Creative Flows. Plus each class will include different peak poses, re-occurring progressive asanas to help level your practice up throughout the seven days , and a variety of creative sequences designed with the intension to bring more confidence, experience, and strength to your personal yoga journey, no matter what level you are.

7  Evening Reconnect Sessions (10-15 minutes each): Each evening we will set our sacred space to come back to our daily intention and introspectively explore the impact of the day’s intention and ideas. These will be formatted through a discussion of ideas, thoughts, values, and topics of health and well-being. We will allow the energy we create and explore through these sessions guide us to learn and discover new layers in ourselves, and new perspectives we might have never been aware of before.

7 Evening Gentle Yoga/Meditation Practice (30 minutes each): To close off each day we will come together on the mat once more for a gentle, calming, and relaxing practice founded in each day’s predefined intention. Varying in exploratory styles these classes will touch on Yin Yoga, Restorative, Supportive Strap Yoga, Meditations, Yoga Nidra and more. Each allowing a beautiful touch back into that day’s journey and our inner sense of calm, well-being, and finding mindful inner peace.

Daily Suggested Personal Journaling Exercises: Since each day is themed & focused around a specific intention, every night we will end with a proposed journaling exercise in order to allow you to connect deeper with the value of what was experienced that day. Journalling can be one of the most powerful tools to allow us to discover more about ourselves and that’s why we highly recommend that each night you take this beautiful opportunity and allow your pen and heart to speak your truth.

50 Page Essential Retreat Yoga Guide Book: You will be provided with a yoga guide to follow along throughout your journey. The Yoga Guide will not only contain supportive materials for the ‘Retreat’ itself, but also more detailed information and knowledge about the practice of yoga, yogic philosophy, Juliana & Mark’s personal yoga insight, yoga education, and even some favorite poems and writings for strength, healing, and motivation.

1 Course Intro & Outro Video: A welcome video to bring you into the yoga shala and prepare you for the journey to come. Then a beautiful touch back video upon completion to wrap it all up, congratulate you, and wish you nothing but love and light on the rest of your journey forward!

The Official “Boho Beautiful Retreat” Soundtrack &  Streamable Music Playlist: Both music pieces are very exciting and have much more information to come. Stay tuned!


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What Will I Need & Where Will I Watch?

It’s all easier than its ever been!


Required Equipment: Yoga Mat, Personal Journal, Yoga Strap (strap/belt/rope/anything similar), and a cleansing burnable substance is recommended – Sage/Palo Santo/Incense.

Availability: Boho Beautiful Retreat will be available to both stream and download through a “Netflix Style” streaming website and through custom designed downloadable iOS and Android Apps.

Video Streaming: All content can be streamed on web-browsers, iPads, Computers, iPhones, and via Chrome-cast & Apple TV directly to your smart tv at home.

Guide Book: The Boho Beautiful Essential Retreat Yoga Guide will be downloadable in a PDF format.

Official Soundtrack: Will be available as mp3 download and streamable options.


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and set your life up to be the best it can be!



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