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Welcome To Boho Beautiful Gift Cards

Just type in the amount you want to give as a gift & then choose from the following three gifting options.

1. Immediate Gift Card Email Delivery– Fill in the recipients email address & name and when you purchase the gift card it will be sent to them immediately.

2. Specific Date Gift Card Email Delivery– Fill in the recipients email address & name and make sure to click the box “Postpone Delivery” and then select the date you would like it delivered!

3. Print Out & Personally Deliver The Gift Yourself – Do NOT fill out the recipients email address before you purchase it. The gift card will then be sent to you. Once your receive the gift card email confirmation you can print out the attached PDF and deliver it yourself in real life!

CUSTOMIZATION– You can also customize the card with your own image and/or a personal message for the lucky recipient too! But if you choose not to customize your gift card, then the image on this page will automatically be the image for your gift card!

CARD REDEMPTION– Just come back to the store, apply the unique code you received with your gift card purchase to your shopping cart, and the amount will be deducted from your purchase total. Just like a coupon!



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