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A Prenatal Yoga, Fitness, Mindfulness Program

Our most comprehensive and largest digital offering to date. Three trimesters of content to serve you for your entire nine months & beyond.

Dearest Mama-to-be,

I feel like it was just yesterday that I stepped onto my own mat, looking down at my own little, growing belly with total awe and wonder, true amazement and curiosity.

How would I now take care of both my physical body and, at the same time, deepen my internal connection to the precious baby growing inside?

Yoga always provides us with the opportunity to connect with our own internal energy, to disconnect our minds from the demands and expectations of our day-to-day life, and to reconnect to the energy of what we truly are: an eternal soul within the vessel of the body going through the experience of human life.

And now, each time you take a moment to step onto your mat, you may not only reconnect and anchor into your heart but also use this opportunity to connect with the beautiful being developing inside you.

It’s magical.
It’s a miracle.

Being pregnant and growing life inside is not a “disability” as modern-day society sometimes makes us feel. But, rather, it is an incredibly rewarding journey that is a gift from life itself.

It is a journey that encourages you to listen, to feel, to connect.

It is a complete mind, body, baby connection, and by joining me on the mat, you are consciously taking that loving step forward to prioritize it in your life.

May this beautiful time in your life be filled with all the magic you deserve.

All my love + light,

Give yourself the gift of space & time + the tools you deserve to deepen this miraculous experience of motherhood.

What is Boho Beautiful PRENATAL?

A fully immersive new program designed to support every expecting mother’s beautiful journey.

Boho Beautiful Prenatal is a series of yoga, fitness, and mindfulness classes specifically designed for each trimester of pregnancy. A yoga instructor, physical trainer & a spiritual companion for your nine-month journey.

The program was designed with the intention to help women maintain their physical and mental wellbeing throughout the entire prenatal period with poses and breathwork safe for mama and baby.

  • Strengthen your body, mind, and spirit so you are ready for the physical demands of labor and birth
  • Calm the waves of fear and doubt that often rise with the unknowns (especially during a pandemic) so you can soften into your beautiful heart & hear that inner Knowing
  • Nourish yourself from the inside out through awareness, breath, and balance to merge with the maternal rhythm of Earth herself
  • Bond with your baby and connect to the energy of life itself so you can feel the Universe within your womb
  • Feel confident & empowered no matter your birth plan so you can be present for your little one’s arrival

“Use the wisdom of yoga & mindfulness to connect deeper to yourself & the new life you have created.”

What is included in Boho Beautiful Prenatal?

Three trimesters of content curated with compassion, love, and guidance.

  • Over 30 Videos arranged into three beautiful trimesters so you can start or continue a safe and effective daily practice with Yoga, Pilates, and Barre inspired classes!!
  • 3 Intro Videos (for a warm welcome into the Boho Beautiful Prenatal program and Juliana’s approach to pregnancy, birth, and motherhood)
  • 10 Trimester One Classes (for the exhaustion, nausea, heightened emotional sensitivity, and slower digestion that often accompany the first three months and to create a strong foundation for the journey ahead)
  • 10 Trimester Two Classes (for the changes you go through during months four to six and the back pain, abdominal pain, leg cramps, and other discomforts that may arise and to support the rapid growth of your baby with flows to increase energy and vitality)
  • 10 Trimester Three Classes (for the exciting transition to labor and birth, your changing center of gravity, lack of energy, round ligament pain, and hip discomfort that often mark the last three months and to encourage baby’s descent into your pelvis when the special time arrives)
  • 1 Pelvic Floor Exercises Tutorial (for strengthening your pelvic floor muscles to support baby’s growing body and to help you recover faster after birth)
  • “A Compassionate Transformation Into Motherhood” – The Prenatal Journey Support Book (for a deeper dive into the topics and exercises covered in the videos and to share helpful resources you can reference throughout this beautiful journey)
Boho Beautiful Prenatal

What will I need & Where will I watch?

Recommended equipment: 2 yoga blocks, yoga bolster (pillow/blanket), a pair of lightweight dumbbells, a chair (or any stabilizing surface), yoga strap (belt/tie/housecoat strap)

Availability: Boho Beautiful Prenatal is accessible through a ‘Netflix Style’ web browsing experience and through Boho Beautiful Premium our custom designed downloadable iOS and Android App. 

Video Streaming: All content can be streamed on web-browsers, iPads, Computers, iPhones, and via Chrome-cast & Apple TV directly to your smart TV at home.

Guide Book: The Boho Beautiful Prenatal Program Guide will be downloadable in a PDF format.

Your Journey Of A Lifetime