We found a beautiful way to spend less travelling and acquire more. Not more in experience, but more in depth. Nepal backpack travel offers so many unique ways to experience the incredible culture, mountains, trekking, and the overall Nepalese way of life. So we decided to start our backpacking Asia trip by bringing our lives to a screeching halt and committing 10 days to a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery. Our lives sometimes seem out of control. All about our devices, all about our channel, all about focussing away from ourselves and too much towards things that have unconsciously sucked us in… so every now and then we have to do something to stop and find the reset button. To breathe and to look inside again, and see what is left to be discovered.

And there is always so much. So there we were. At Kopan Monastery living, eating, and meditatiting with all the other students, and hundreds of Tibetan monks while taking a Discovering Buddhism Course. What a wild, deep, and meaningful experience.

At times it was tough… structured religion and dogmatic plausible contractictions. And at other times it was perspective altering and incredibly valuable to our own spirituality. Just like anything in life, we took what we needed from this wonderful experience of monk life. We discovered the fundamentals of Tibetan Buddhism that placed a lot of life into a beautiful perspective. We cried, we laughed, we were challenged, and we overcame it everything that was brought forward to learn a little bit more of what our Boho Beautiful life is all about.