This Boho Beautiful booty challenge is a 14 day challenge to tone and lift your butt. You can also use this lower body class as a quick and super effective 10 minute booty workout. You can do this workout anytime when you want to sculpt your butt. This is the perfect class for anyone who is short on time and is looking for a booty and leg workout. Our booty challenge is time efficient and effective. If you are interested in amazing results, join us for the 14 day challenge to really work your lower body.

14 Day Booty Challenge: What To Expect

This 10 minute lower body glute workout will target different areas of your glutes and hamstrings to allow you to gain incredible results. Whether you are looking to tone the booty in a short amount of time, or you simply need a quick lower body workout, this is the perfect class. Our booty class will sculpt and lift the booty.

This class is entirely focused on the lower body, but today’s class will challenge your core too. With every posture, your core will stabilize and balance your body while you’re at work.

At times these exercises might get a bit difficult so remember to breathe. Be patient with yourself. Take the time you need to build strength. If you stay dedicated to daily exercises and involvement of this workout, I promise you will feel and look amazing from the inside out.

Roll out that mat and enjoy! XO