This 15 minute Boho Beautiful beginner yoga class is all about releasing tension and stiffness out of your hips and hamstrings. Through gentle movement, this yoga for beginners class will focus on increasing flexibility.

Beginner Yoga For Hips & Hamstrings: What To Expect

While we call this a beginner yoga class, it is truly for all levels. We will also stretch different areas of the glute muscles while continuing to open the hips and hamstrings.

The postures will go deep and we will be stimulating a lot of physical and emotional release of energy of your body so remember to always be gentle and patient with yourself. Loving yourself through each pose and breath is essential in this beginner yoga class. Always remember to breathe and stay connected with your breath. As we go deeper into hip and hamstring opening yoga asanas, your breath is going to allow you to stay present and release deeper and deeper with time.

Listen To Your Body

Remember to always listen to your body. If you develop any sharp or shooting pain, take a pause and reset yourself. Never force any postures, but rather simply allow yourself to surrender once you get into a pose. Coming into a meditative state of mind as you hold and let go. Instead of forcing yourself to go deeper if you are not ready, take long, deep exhales wherever you are and trust that with patience and practice you will eventually be able to take your body further.

So get ready to stretch, release, and dive deeper into your hips and hamstrings.