This 21 day Ab Challenge is a little different then some of the other challenges that we’ve done before. So read the description carefully, and get ready to sweat!
The Rules:
The only rule to this challenge is that everyday you’re going to push yourself a little further then the day before. So grab a pen and paper so at the end of each day you can keep track of where you stopped to reference when you start the next day.
The Schedule:
The schedule for this challenge will be 2 days of core work and 1 day of yoga for 3 weeks. which will mean your core is becoming stronger and stronger with each day!
The Goal:
The goal here is to build the strength in your core, to trim the waistline, and to help you get that ab definition a lot of us strive to achieve.

Day 1:
Do this workout as far as your feel the strength of your body can take you, and then stop. If you stop three minutes in, thats completely ok. If you finish the entire class once through completely, start it up a second time and continue till you have to stop. Listen to your body, and make sure to stop when it tells you.

Day 2:
Do it again, but use the day before as a marker point and make sure you make it to at least to the same spot if not further.

Day 3:
Take a break and replace this workout with any of the following yoga classes below…

Relaxing Yoga For Peace ♥

Stress Relief Yoga ♥

Yin Yoga Class ♥

Perfect Yoga For Everyone ♥

Best Yoga For The Heart ♥

Yoga For Sleep ♥

Easy Yoga For Beginners ♥

Day 4:
Come back to this class and make sure you go even further than the last time you did it (Day 2).

Day 5 & Onward:
Continue to cycle two days of this video and one day of yoga for 21 days. Always mark down where you made it to. And always make sure to match that spot or go further the next day when you come back to this class.

If you make it to the end of the class, you are not done yet! You have to start the class up again and go until you have to stop. Thats the name of the game.

Good luck with the challenge! Let us know how it goes for you…lets get those abs nice and strong!!

– Juliana and Mark