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We are manifesting a dream location to shoot an upcoming program to be launched in the New Year, and we need your help!

We are searching for a beautiful location with a warm climate hopefully in the Western Hemisphere —think Southwest or Southeast United States and Central or South America. If you have the perfect place in mind, we want to hear from you! 


If you by chance work at or have a connection to the right place as well… that would be even more surreal. ?

It’s so much easier to stream line communication, so any leads or connects that meet the following criteria would be so appreciated if you could send to Kate, our amazing spearhead for the project!

Email- [email protected] 


  What Are We Looking For?

The dream setting would provide a studio space with plenty of natural light and options for shooting outdoors. Ideally, we are looking for a place with a beautiful natural backdrop-  think desert, jungle, beach, or gorgeous forest—you know our vibe!

If yoga shalas, meditation rooms, or other studio spaces are available on site, all the better. 

Our ultimate goal would not only be to capture a picturesque scene, but also to spread awareness of a yoga retreat or eco resort to our viewers. So if you do know of someone who manages or works at a location that would be interested in some loving social media and YouTube attention, we’d love to get connected!

We are particularly interested in shedding light on places that are vegan-friendly, eco-friendly, and places that are involved in their local communities or surrounding non-profits / animal welfare groups!

We appreciate every one of you and are grateful for any suggestions of help you guys can give us in our time of need!

Let the universe unfold!!