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May the wind take us where we need to go,
May our spirit one day wander home…

Dear me,

When will I stop questioning the desires of my heart? Will you now please open your eyes and understand all those feelings, emotions, and thoughts were not crazy but the core of your truth. Its ok to step away from the crowd. Its ok to not buy a house because thats what we’re “supposed” to do. Its ok to get your expensive wedding dress filthy in mud and finish off by cleaning it out by jumping in the chlorine pool. Its just a thing. And in the end just like most things, it’s temporary loved for a day and then forgotten. But the memories…oh dear friend the memories, photographed by your heart. Polaroids forever.

Dear me, don’t be scared to say you are actually homeless, because in truth you are. You are two people with no mailing address or place of residence. I’m the resident of this world thats all I have to know. And in truth, planet Earth is my home. And to those that destroy or harm my home, well… may you get what you deserve one day.

We are wanderers of this Earth, hearts full of wonder and souls deep with dreams. The dreams that we have always imagined we would create but were too scared to run after because we had too many bills to pay and promises to keep for people we weren’t sure if we even liked.

So we ran as fast as we could into the complete unknown and I know you’ll never blame me for that. Like two wild dogs, in search of a home that doesn’t exist. It’s better to be wild then chained to a cage.

I may not know all the answers right now. Is all of this the way its supposed to be? Is this the way the Universe keeps us on our toes? This is life. My life.

I’m alive and that I’m certain of.

Dear me, remember there will be moments that will be hard, painful, scary, and uncertain. It’s ok. Don’t forget to smile even when its the last thing that comes to you. Continue to practice the action of letting go. Letting go of the past, letting go of the ones that hurt you, the ones that troubled you, and the ones that never looked back. Be present. Look around you, this world feels so big and you are here.

Dear little me and little you spinning on a rock in a universe full of stars, suns, moons, and possibly us all over again.

Take a deep breath, don’t worry it will all make sense one day.