Rachel Savasta in Buffalo, NY

Age: 24

My story starts with a struggle and ends with movement, change and better days. Like among a lot of others, daily stressors like anxiousness, toxicity in the world, financial burden, and health issues have created a burden on my heart. I believe that with every burden their is room to grow, change and break through.

Upon being diagnosed with high anxiety I was prescribed chemicals at a young age to take for the symptoms. Being young and unaware, taking prescriptions did not seem like an issue. Years later and was still on them takes a wear and tear on your soul. On a medication that gives you a sense of control and “fake happy” without any peaks or valleys but able to smile while at out but not really feel much. About a year ago I decided enough is enough with chemicals. I turned to yoga instead as I stumbled upon boho beautiful. What I found was an incredible journey inward, a natural way to control my thoughts and mind. A way to meditate and find peace. A way to categorize my thoughts and regain back control of my mind. It sure was very liberating of a feeling.

As far as weight struggle goes, as a younger age being diagnosed with PCOS, a syndrome that has women put on weight, with other unwanted hormones out of wack, the struggle to lose weight was real. Upon obtaining my degree in Dietetics, meal plan after meal plan. What was able to help me was become a vegetarian and yoga. They prescribed me medicine to take, but I kicked the medicine to the curb again and followed a plant diet and practice yoga daily.

In summary, all that is needed for your body to heal is already on this planet, and within you. Beating two battles holistically, as well as practicing yoga with boho I became very liberated, free, and full of life.
Thank you Juliana and Mark.

Rachel Savasta