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14-Day Yoga & Meditation Journey

Building New and Lasting Habits to Enrich Your Daily Life

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Juliana Spicoluk from Boho Beautiful teaches a free Vinyasa Full Body Yoga Class to deepen your connection between body and mind.

FREE Yoga & Meditations

28 Videos     30+ Minutes Per Day     2 Week Schedule!

14 Days to Reconnect with Yourself & Your Practice

A Free Meditation from the Boho Beautiful 14 Day Yoga & Mindfulness Program by Juliana Spicoluk which helps you to calm your mind and relax.

Your 14-Day Journey Itinerary

A Free Total Body Yoga Workout by Juliana Spicoluk for amazing results! Day 2 of the free 14 day Yoga & Mindfulness Program by Boho Beautiful
Join Juliana Spicoluk from Boho Beautiful for this free short and peacuful meditation to manifest and attract more love and positivity.

14 Free Yoga Videos

One Each Day For Two Weeks!

Improve your strength and power with this Free Boho Beautiful Total Body Yoga Flow by yoga teacher Juliana Spicoluk.
Rejuvenate, Energize and Release your entire body with this free Feel Good Yoga Flow by yoga teacher Juliana Spicoluk from Boho Beautiful.
This free Boho Beautiful perfect fusion of heat building flow mixed with yin yoga. Release stiffness and enjoy an workout at the same time.
Join yoga teacher Juliana Spicoluk for a 20 minute free Boho Beautiful Feel Good yoga flow that will connect you to your inner energy.

Through relaxing yoga, vinyasa flows & yoga workouts, we challenge every skill level in these beautiful yoga classes. Remember, it’s not about touching your toes… it’s about what you learn on the way down.

14 Free Guided Meditations

One Each Day For Two Weeks!

A free calming guided meditation by Boho Beautiful that uses visualization to help you find a peaceful state of mind to relax.
A perfect 10 minute guided free Boho Beautiful meditation that will help you find peace with the unfolding of your life.
Overcome Fear and Anxiety with this quick and effective guided free Boho Beautiful meditation to uncover your limitless potential.
10 Minute Free Boho Beautiful Guided Meditation to help you manifest your dreams and goals and connect to your internal power.

These guided meditations will help you develop powerful habits of focused attention and letting go of thoughts that no longer serve you. Experience the limitless benefit that meditation brings to your life.

Start Your Free Yoga & Meditation Journey Today

A perfect opportunity to begin or fall in love with your yoga & meditation practice all over again… and it’s absolutely free!

This Program Was Designed to:

Create new positive habits
Improve your daily practice
Get structure and guidance to find your best self
Reduce your stress and anxiety
Increase your flexibility, mobility, and strength

Get in shape both physically & mentally
Learn to set every day up for success
Reconnect with yourself & inner authenticity
Find compassion for your body & mind
Wipe your slate clean and begin again

Boho Beautiful’s

14 Day Yoga & Meditation Journey Also Includes:

A Curated Guide

The 14-Day Journey Guide Book

Your complete 14-day program itinerary
Yoga & meditation tips and expert advice
Daily mantras and intentions
Personal morning notes from us to you
How to set up a sacred space
Introspective journaling guidance

A 14-Day Free Trial To

Boho Beautiful Official

Try the program through our on-demand service for 14 days FREE!
Download the video classes for offline use
Download the meditation audio for offline listening
Use the online journal for the entire course
Get access to the entire Boho Beautiful library
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So grab a friend, a partner, a loved one, or a furry friend, and make the commitment together.

Even amidst the seemingly craziest and most uncertain of times, we each have the power to take back control.

This Free Yoga class is Day 1 of the Boho Beautiful 14 Day Yoga & Mindfulness Program & perfect to energize, awaken and de-stress your body.

Start Your Journey Right Here

This effective and short free Boho Beautiful meditation focuses on finding peace and love and will reconnect you to your inner self.

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