Cauliflower Smoothie Recipe by Boho Beautiful

We deeply believe in the idea that the ingredients we put into our bodies can either be the greatest medicine or the strongest poison to us. It truly is our decisions each day that determine how we wish to fuel this beautiful machine of ours. Including juices and smoothies as part of our daily nutrient rituals has opened paths of incredible vitality, health and happiness in our lives. With this in mind we wanted to share some of our insight, nutritional information, and a couple of our favourite recipes by gifting you our:

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What Is High Frequency?


Embrace the healing treasures of Mother Earth.


We were placed on this earth to thrive, to radiate health and positive energy back into the universe.

By using the powerful, nutrient-dense treasures of our Earth, we can nourish our bodies more than ever before. A wonderful, easy way to do this is through the practice of juice and smoothie making.

Juices and smoothies are beautiful instruments, which let us naturally tap into the gifts of our planet. We hope that with this eBook, the recipes and tips might encourage your personal commitment to health in a profound way – that it will bring your physical and mental states to new and higher frequencies.


What You Can Expect


  • An introduction to the world of smoothies/juicing
  • Our personal tips and experiences
  • Superfood tips
  • Nutrition pointers
  • 3 amazing juice recipes
  • 3 wonderful smoothie recipes

recipe ebook

recipe ebook

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