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14 Day Yoga & Meditation Schedule To Help You Get Through The COVID-19 Pandemic




There are moments when the world feels like it is in complete and utter chaos. No matter where we look, the current state of the Covid-19 pandemic and the global situation makes us feel helpless and confused. However, the one thing we have to remember is that even when we lose our routines, live entertainment, sports, community events, etc. the one thing that no one can take away from us is our own physical and mental well-being. Yes the stress is all around us and at times we feel like there is no end in sight but we have to remember that if we simply pause, close our eyes, and realize that peace starts within then we can conquer and handle any challenge that life brings our way.

Right now is about finding time for you.

Returning to yourself.

Returning home…literally.

Lets look up to the sky and take a breath. Be grateful for all that we have. And find gratitude for the one positive thing that comes from this challenge and unpleasant experience like a little extra time for us.

Lets use this opportunity to take more time each day to return to oursleves. To reconnect with all that beautiful energy that is within us.

To move.

To breathe.

To feel joyfully blissful.

And let go of any tense and negative energy stored within us.

So my friends, if you need some guidance to help you “return home” to yourself, we are happy to share a free 14 Day Yoga & Meditation Schedule for you to enjoy during this unsettling and unknown times in our lives.

Whether you are quarantined at home or self isolated by choice, we hope this schedule give you some guidance, peace, and good energy to not only help you feel your best but also keep your mind, body, and immune system healthy.

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♥ Follow the two week schedule and find time each day to complete the daily class (plus meditation).

♥ During each class be very careful to listen to your body. Modify any posture or movement to your own level and capabilities.

♥ Remember to breathe.

♥ If your body needs a day off thats totally fine!  Just do your best to make it through all the videos, and if it takes more than seven days that’s okay too!

♥ Drink at least 2 L of water per day. Add some lemon, or fruit to your water to make it a treat!

♥ Include at least one dark green leafy salad, steamed greens, and/or fresh green juice per day.

♥ Do your best to get as close to 8 hours of sleep per night as you can so your muscles have time to recover and rest.

♥ Try to limit the amount of processed and sugary food you eat.

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