A Natural Detox Is Your Best Full Body Rejuvenation

By October 26, 2019November 3rd, 2019Yoga, Health & Wellness, Plant Based Food

‘You are what you eat… So don’t be fast, easy, cheap, or fake.’

We have each been gifted bodies that are intuitive, intelligent, and beautiful mechanisms. With no questions asked, our bodies naturally and lovingly work alongside us. They constantly work to filter and eliminate toxins, through sweat, liquid and solid waste, and even each time we exhale.

Our bodies are constantly removing that which no longer serves us… and by consciously assisting in this natural detox process, we can love our bodies even further and more effectively.


A natural detox simply put, is just getting out of the way. Our body will always do its best job no matter what, but in today’s modern industrial food paradigm we definitely don’t make it any easier on ourselves- in fact we make it harder. A lot of the pre-packaged, over processed, high sugar, and extremely preserved foods that are usually filled with an abundance of unnecessary ingredients and chemicals end up putting much more stress on our digestive system. Thus it hinders us from our full potential efficiency.

So by simply engaging in the elimination of as much unnecessary filler in our diets as possible we end up encouraging optimization of our bodies to their fullest. And just by reducing the stress on our digestive system, more energy in turn can be utilized towards all other aspects of our day to day life- vitality, mental clarity, energy levels, mood, the list can run very deep and the benefits of simply switching your dietary choices can be felt almost immediately.

So by effectively turning to whole and simpler foods more closely aligned with the earth, you are not inducing detoxification, you are actually just enhancing your bodies ability to detox naturally as it always does, but with less effort and higher beneficial yield. And all of this without any pills, chemicals, laxatives, or even too much stress on the system.

Furthermore by eliminating meat, dairy and all kinds of other animal-based products during this process as well, we are able to also heighten this natural, accelerated detoxification process even further.  To name a few direct benefits, it is a way to add years to your life, and to transition your taste pallet towards healthier habits & desires. (Harvard Medical School has even suggested a transition from animal-based foods means a decreased risk of heart disease, certain cancers and type 2 diabetes).

THEN on top of this, with the addition of detox yoga, we can take this further to a higher level. Incredibly, by adding twisting asanas, increasing blood flow, and speeding up metabolization through yoga we can further encourage this wonderful natural detox of the body.




As we sweep out excess hormones from animal-based foods from within our bodies, our minds and moods are immediately guided towards a new balance. Removing animal products & bi-products from our diets means that our livers, digestive system, lymph system and kidneys go into a major cleaning drive.

A natural detox will also mean a microbiome makeover.

Our bodies are full of trillions of bacteria, fungi and microbes – known collectively as the microbiome. This helps us to digest our food, produces critical nutrients, trains our immune systems, keeps our gut tissue healthy, and help protect us from cancer. Amazingly, the fiber of plant foods promotes “friendly” bacteria, and helps to develop a healthy intestinal microbiome.

On the other hand, diets that are high in animal-based foods can actually encourage the increase of disease-promoting bacteria. These diets can create a toxic product called TMAO, which (amongst other things) increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. Incredibly, by switching to a plant-based diet, our bodies will contain little to no TMAO. Even more amazingly, it only takes a few days for our gut bacterial patterns to change, and for this natural detox to occur.





Finally, focussing on whole and plant-based foods exclusively, will also balance out the body in other ways. Eating animal-based and highly processed foods has been linked to increased levels of inflammation within the body… which means diseases like atherosclerosis, strokes, diabetes and more.

Elimination of these foods, means that we can instead enjoy the natural anti-inflammatory gifts of mother earth. As well as being full of antioxidants, fruits and plants are much lower in saturated fat and endotoxins, which are inflammatory triggers.


Another amazing way to naturally detox, is through the practice of yoga – one example specifically is by using twisting asanas.

It is said that when we take a twisting posture, we create this “squeeze and soak” type of action within our internal organs and even the spine (the term that B.K.S. Iyengar, the founder of Iyengar Yoga always used to explain this function).  As we twist, the organs become compressed, squeezing out old blood and waste. Once we release out of the twisting posture, fresh oxygenated blood flows in, cleansing and rejuvenating our internal organs.

Incredibly, the same concept applies to the discs of our spine. Gravity and ageing tend to compress the discs causing them to lose moisture. As we gently twist and welcome fresh blood flow into all areas of the body, we also increase circulation to our spinal cord which helps us keep a healthy back and release tension out of those sore back muscles.

detox twist



If there is something to take away from this, it is the fact that when seeking a detox, there is no need to go to the extremes of pills or chemicals… we are already naturally provided all that is needed for wonderful health. 

Food deprivation is also unnecessary, it is rather all about changing the ways we look at food and adopting more natural ways of eating directly from our beautiful, healing earth.

We truly encourage you to try a natural detox for yourself, so that you can enjoy the incredible, transformative benefits to your body and mind.


If this speaks to you, our Detoxify program is a wonderful place to start.

And please do remember, a detox is temporary… but a positive shift in your health, is life-changing.