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Awakened Bohemian

Listening to your own heart.

Obeying the dictates of your own conscience.

Being the butterfly who cannot be caught.

Light. Free. Powerful.

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Our First Collection

the brand new Awakened Bohemian sustainable yoga collection

When it came to entering the physical space of apparel & activewear,

we knew we needed to approach it from a much different way than most other organizations.

Because we all have the power to vote for and effect the future to come.

Personally, it’s in the choices we make.

And collectively its in both the energy & the dollars we spend, and where we chose to direct them.

That is our power.


So we knew if we were going to bring more physical goods into this already saturated world we had to do it our way.

With heartfelt intention.

A higher consciousness towards the footprint.

And a personal responsibility for both the quality of the products

and the story about the world we desire to live in that they project.


Fast forward two long years of exploration & discovery later….

Welcome to Awakened Bohemian.

Our own ecoActivewear Line for those who believe all the little, beautiful, and magical things matter.

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Conscious Threads

 Incredibly Long Lasting

 Made From Recycled Plastic Water Bottles

 Plastic Tag & Trim Free – All Recycled Material

 Flattering Fit With 4-Way Stretch Fabric

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