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Experience the Benefits of Daily Yoga in As Little As 15 Minutes a Day
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Get the structure & support you need to integrate yoga and all its benefits into your daily life. Make the commitment to yourself with 31 yoga classes delivered to you every single day.

31 Days to Deepen & Realign Your Mind Body Connection

 22 Yoga Classes with Juliana Spicoluk

 9 Yoga Classes with Mark Spicoluk

 Customizable daily schedule to fit your life

 From 15 mins to 1 hour per day – YOU choose

 Comprehensive Digital Support Guide

 Expand your yoga practice through new asanas & yoga methodologies

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1. The Boho Beautiful 2022 Reflection Guide

The perfect self-processing digital tool to take an intimate look back and learn from the year that has past in order to accomplish an even better year to come.

2. “Cosmic Winter” Exclusive Yoga Series

Four beautiful full length yoga classes set to four powerful mantras, all soundtracked by the incredible artist “Wah!” and available to stream and enjoy anywhere, while you prepare for the 2023 to come!

3. The Quick Start Plant-Based Eating Guide

A micro PDF version of our full-length book “The Happy Healthy Plant Based Eating Guide”. Explore 5 delicious plant-based recipes to fuel your journey.

Comes with a 50% off coupon code for the full length version.

Join Us For a Journey of Self Discovery & Connection

Meet Your Instructors

Your Yogic Guides For The 31 Day Journey

Juliana Spicoluk

5 Classes Per Week

Mark Spicoluk

2 Classes Per Week

The Power of Daily Yoga Practice

  Feel more grounded in self & mind

  Mental clarity and consistent emotional balance

  Increase flexibility, build strength & improve mobility

Relieve ailments and give your body permission to thrive

 Create positive habits of self-connection

 Cultivate more compassion & peace within

 Inspire a deeper & richer connection to life on & off the mat every single day

Make 2023 All That You Know it Has the Potential to Be

Filmed on Location

Palmaïa, The House of AïA

It was great pleasure to be able to create this 31 day journey in the space and energy of this beautiful wellness resort. In all our travels of life we have never come across any place as unique and special as Palmaia.

Palmaïa’s mission is to create exceptional, avant-garde, ecologically minded beach and jungle experiences for those who want to get away, connect with nature, spend time with their loved ones, and eat the finest foods in all of Mexico.

Visit Their Website

Make the Commitment & Start Your Year Right